Wilmington Locals Find Natural Solutions For Hypothyroid Disease

Locals find help for hypothyroid problems through natural solutions provided by a Wilmington thyroid chiropractic professional. Oxygen therapy and brain-based therapy are part of the neurological approaches that help hypothyroidism. Oxygen is used to energize the nervous system and brain.

When oxygen is combined with exercise, the brain receives greater stimulation and functions at a greater capacity. This is helpful with several conditions that are chronic. Oxygen strengthens immunity and helps the body heal itself more quickly.

Brain-based therapy consists of special stimulation techniques for the brain. These therapies are laser, vibration, and non-surgical decompression. Olfactory, visual, caloric, and auditory stimulation can be used to energize brain functions. For the metabolic protocol, the natural approach is to eliminate foods that worsen the hypothyroid condition and cause inflammation.

Due to decreased metabolic function, women with hypothyroid issues may have problems maintaining body weight. They may gain weight easily and quickly. Also, they may experience drying of the skin, growth of hair on the face, and thinning hair. In addition, many clients may have cold feet and hands.

Those with hypothyroid issues often suffer from fatigue, as well as insomnia. Commonly, these individuals are lacking motivation and are often depressed. Because there is more testosterone being produced in their bodies than estrogen, women may start growing more facial hair. These are only some of the symptoms related to metabolic dysfunctions.

In order to assist clients with thyroid conditions, the doctor must determine the cause of their symptoms. Tests are done on blood, immune system responses, cortisol levels, and other factors that contribute to poor metabolic functions. Also, the client’s metabolic functions are evaluated using specific measures. After the cause of hypothyroidism is determined, clients may begin the all-natural diets and neurological protocols to aid their condition. A Wilmington thyroid chiropractor uses many natural solutions, methods, and protocols to manage hypothyroid disease.

Wilmington Thyroid sufferers can find more information about the best Chiropractic treatments for Hypothyroidism and details about the benefits of consulting a Chiropractor at http://wilmingtonThyroid.com today.


About Dr. Joseph Alaimo
Hi, I'm Dr. Joe Alaimo. I've been practicing in Wilmington, NC , since 1995. My primary practice focus is on chronic pain and metabolic conditions.

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