Wilmington Chiropractor Treats Thyroid Disease Naturally

Most people consider seeing a chiropractor for help with muscle pain and mobility issues only. There are many physical ailments that a chiropractor can help correct with holistic methods. In Wilmington thyroid disease is approached with more natural methods of therapy. These methods help the individual achieve a better quality of life.

The symptoms of an overactive gland are fatigue, increase in allergic reactions, nervousness, skin problems, sleeping too much or too little, gastrointestinal problems, weight gain or loss, pain, and swelling. Under-active production of thyroid hormone is most commonly associated with symptoms of dry hair and skin, weight gain, intolerance to cold, hoarse voice, puffy face, and fatigue.

Methods have been developed to address the cause and the symptoms of the condition. Specific recommendations are made regarding nutritional supplements and food choices that will encourage the body to return to the best possible health. Additionally, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and acupuncture have also proven to be successful therapies.

Assessing the individual’s current diet and completing a physical evaluation, helps the chiropractor determine the metabolic issue that is present. A review of medical history, lifestyle, and exercise routine, will also be conducted. Additionally, x-rays determine if there are sections in the neck or spine that have disc compression, pinching nerves and causing symptoms to be more serious.

Once completed, the evaluation is used to develop an individual plan addressing immediate symptoms, and a long-term plan to address metabolic disorders. Recommendations are made to help the body regenerate and heal itself. Natural approaches are suggested to help the individual increase metabolic rate and maintain appropriate body weight.

In Wilmington thyroid issues are approached holistically by the chiropractor who is well versed in natural remedies that will relieve the symptoms. These solutions are safe and natural to help the person suffering from symptoms and conditions associated with the organ. If a condition is not addressed, it can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, emphysema, depression, carpel tunnel syndrome, or migraines.

You can find information about the best Chiropractic treatments for hypothyroidism and details about the benefits of consulting a Wilmington thyroid chiropractor at http://wilmingtonThyroid.com now.


About Dr. Joseph Alaimo
Hi, I'm Dr. Joe Alaimo. I've been practicing in Wilmington, NC , since 1995. My primary practice focus is on chronic pain and metabolic conditions.

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