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Poor digestion can cause depression

By Dr. Joe Alaimo, MA,DC

I went to see my natural medicine practitioner for depression and she wants to work on my digestive health. I don’t get the connection.

Many people would be surprised to learn how greatly gut health affects brain health. A poor diet, inflamed gut, and intestinal permeability definitely can promote depression.

Depression a not-so-obvious symptom of poor digestion
Sometimes digestion issues are obvious; they cause gas, bloating, heartburn, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, or abdominal pain. Other times the main symptom is not so obvious—depression.

An unhealthy diet and compromised gut health can promote depression in several ways.

Poor nutrition
When one eats a junk food diet laden with processed foods, trans fats, sugars, and artificial chemicals, the brain suffers. The brain needs healthy fats, high-quality protein, abundant vitamins and minerals, and a diet low in starchy foods and sugars.

Gluten is directly linked to depression in some. It causes gut inflammation, which can lead to inflammation in areas of the brain that regulate mood. Some people digest gluten into gluteomorphin, an opioid similar to heroin or morphine that can cause depression (not to mention constipation). Gluten can also cause autoimmune attacks in the brain with symptoms of depression. Dairy or other foods may also cause depression, depending on sensitivity.

Leaky gut
Leaky gut happens when the lining of the intestines becomes overly permeable. This allows undigested foods, bacteria, and other pathogens into the bloodstream, creating inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation in the brain may cause depression.

Inflammation in the gut also inhibits absorption of nutrients necessary for good brain function. An example is tryptophan, an amino acid found in proteins. The brain synthesizes tryptophan into serotonin, a “well-being and joy” brain chemical.

Always consider gut health
Depression is a complex, multi-faceted condition that can have its roots in various causes. However the role of diet and digestive health should always be included in a functional approach to depression.

Why do I crave sugar all the time? Consider reactive hypoglycemia.

Dr. Joe Alaimo, MA,DC

I know sweets are bad for me, but why do I crave them all the time?

Sweet cravings can signal a blood sugar imbalance. Addressing the imbalance can curb your cravings.

Consider reactive hypoglycemia
We like sweets—sugar, honey, agave, maple syrup, and fruit—because they give us a burst of energy and even make us feel euphoric. But feeling like you can’t live without them can signal a blood sugar disorder, a risk for diabetes later in life.

One common reason for sweet cravings is reactive hypoglycemia, which occurs when blood sugar drops too low. Symptoms include feeling spacey, lightheaded, weak, irritable, shaky, or nauseous. Reactive hypoglycemia prompts a sugar craving in an attempt to quickly raise blood sugar again.

We weren’t designed to eat ample sweets
The problem is sweets raise blood sugar too high—our bodies weren’t designed to run on caramel lattes, candy bars, fruit smoothies, or pastries. These foods cause blood sugar—and energy levels—to skyrocket and then nosedive. After the crash the sugar cravings kick in again.

Blood sugar roller coaster leads to other health problems
Many people ride this roller coaster of low and high energy swings throughout the day. Reactive hypoglycemia not only leads to sugar cravings but also a list of other metabolic disorders, including PMS, poor immune function, digestive problems, problems falling asleep or staying asleep, migraines, depression, and a raised risk for diabetes.

Changing your diet to get a grip on cravings
The best way to manage reactive hypoglycemia is to focus your diet on protein, healthy fats, and non-starchy vegetables. Eat breakfast and do not go so long without eating that you crash. Minimize your intake of starchy foods such as grains and potatoes to avoid spiking blood sugar. And of course avoid all sweets, even natural ones, or too much fruit.

The adjustment period can be difficult at first but once you stabilize your blood sugar those sugar cravings should calm down. Also, certain botanicals and nutritional compounds have been shown to help balance blood sugar and curb the cravings.

Reactive hypoglycemia is but one issue that can drive sugar cravings. In future articles I will address other contributing factors and what to do about them.

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Do Men Go Through Menopause?

My middle-aged husband has no motivation and is always cranky. He has also put on a big belly and lost his libido. Do men go through menopause?

Many men suffer from what is called andropause, a hormonal and neurological cascade that affects their health and their personality. Some refer to it as “male menopause.”

Andropause: “male menopause”
The defining marker for andropause is a skewed ratio of testosterone to estrogen so that estrogen becomes dominant. This has long been associated with middle age, but clinicians are increasingly finding it in younger men too. As andropause comes on gradually the symptoms can be overlooked or relegated to “getting older.”

Symptoms of andropause include:
• Decreased libido
• Decrease in morning erections, fullness of erections, and the ability to maintain erections
• Mental fatigue and inability to concentrate
• Depression
• Lack of motivation
• Decrease in physical stamina

Men with andropause often have high cholesterol and triglycerides, insulin resistance, elevated blood pressure, abdominal weight gain, the development of “breasts” and “hips,” and varicose veins or hemorrhoids. Some men even have hot flashes.

What causes andropause
Many factors are suspected to contribute to andropause, including abundant estrogens in pesticides and environmental chemicals, poor essential fatty acid status, gut infections, and poor liver detoxification. However the most common cause is chronic stress caused by high-carbohydrate diets and poor lifestyle habits.

Blood sugar imbalances can cause low testosterone
A diet that is consistently high in starchy and sugary foods, such as sweets, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, soda, and sweet coffee drinks chronically over stimulates the production of insulin. This triggers an enzyme called aromatase that synthesizes estrogen. It also leads to insulin resistance—when insulin cannot get into the cells to deliver glucose and vital nutrients—which causes hormonal imbalances.

Addressing andropause
Addressing andropause is not as simple as using testosterone cream to boost testosterone levels. That can lead to testosterone excess and hormone resistance, exacerbating symptoms. Instead a salivary hormone panel that includes levels of testosterone and estrogen will show the mechanism of the condition and what the best course of action is for you.

This can include dietary and lifestyle changes to reduce stress on the body, nutritional therapies to address deficiencies and imbalances, and complementary protocols to address the effects of andropause on heart and brain health.

Wilmington, NC Chiropractic Office Helps Locals Have Optimal Health Quickly

Wilmington, NC Chiropractic Office Helps Locals Have Optimal Health Quickly

Wilmington Thyroid chiropractors are well known for their hard work in helping members of the community with the tools, education, resources and care needed to gain optimal health. Chiropractors carry out work on their patients to help immediate problems that are interrupting their daily lives and activity. They help patients reach optimal health that is, the best health possible that a person can aspire to.

Chiropractors form-long term plans that will help the patient enjoy better energy, movement and flexibility. They can help those in pain live an improved lifestyle. Chiropractic care is safe, gentle and effective.

A Chiropractic therapist has a duty of care to ensure that a patient’s health is improving quickly and safely. Their primary motive should be to enhance the life of someone who is in constant pain. Many people take their health for granted. However, if someone gets ill they will have to seek help.

A Chiropractic therapist can carry out therapy completely naturally without pain killers or other drugs. Chiropractic therapists create a holistic approach to helping patients in the community. They will help every aspect of a patient’s life and support them in being proactive towards their wellness.

It does not matter what illness a person is living with, a chiropractic therapist will help them to be in the best of health possible. A chiropractic therapist is trained to the highest levels. They help teach patients to cope with situations that can lead to pain or injury.

Wilmington Thyroid chiropractors provide information about how to live more healthily to achieve the best out of life. When a person first meets a chiropractor, they will be thoroughly examined including a conversation about lifestyle, health, exercise and activity levels. Chiropractic therapy needs to be carried out alongside diet, exercise and lifestyle changes for the best results.

For a center that addresses issues with the thyroid and other glands, Wilmington Thyroid is recommended. You can learn more about the therapeutic measures when you visit http://WilmingtonThyroid.com now.