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Wilmington Thyroid Disease Sufferers Find Relief Through Chiropractic Care

A slight misalignment of the vertebrae in the neck can place pressure on the nerves leading to the thyroid gland. Although chiropractics concentrates on the musculoskeletal system, adjustments to the spine can relieve pressure on the nerves that control organs in the body. Individuals who are experiencing glandular problems can get help from a Wilmington thyroid chiropractor.

Adjustment to the spine alleviate pain and help to restore proper functioning of the nervous system correcting any inequality that can progress to a glandular condition. When adjustments alleviate pressure on the nerves, it can have a positive effect on glands.

Chiropractic care for glandular conditions may also include exercise and nutrition education. In addition, corrections to posture can also help reduce stress on one’s nervous system. The exercise plan will be specific to each individual, taking into consideration any physical limitations. An evaluation of the person’s diet will help the chiropractor develop some guidelines to meet nutritional needs.

Before any therapy program is started, the chiropractic professional will review each case individually. A complete assessment will be conducted which often includes x-rays and range-of-motion evaluation. The individual will be asked specific questions regarding how severe their pain is, what brought on pain, and how long they have been experiencing the pain.

Once the initial office visit and assessment in complete, the chiropractic professional will develop a therapy plan to help alleviate the pressure causing the discomfort. The plan will typically include adjustments to the spine that will need to be repeated over a period of time. Exercises to be done at home will be provided, as well as nutritional counseling.

For individuals in Wilmington thyroid problems can get help for the condition through chiropractic care and with simple lifestyle changes. Continuing with exercising, nutritional changes, and correcting posture, will help the individual maintain wellness. The idea behind chiropractic care is to help the individual reach optimal health.

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Wilmington Thyroid Disease Helped With Chiropractic Therapy

There are two basic types of thyroid disease. If the gland is over-producing hormones, the condition is called hyperthyroidism. However, if the gland is under-producing hormones, that condition is called hypothyroidism. If you suffer from either disease in Wilmington thyroid conditions can be managed with chiropractic therapy.

One of the traditional therapies used to manage both conditions is oral medications. In the case of hypothyroidism, the drugs are intended to boost the missing hormones. As for hyperthyroidism, there are drugs designed to reduce the gland’s production. In other cases, one suffering from hyperthyroidism might also go under radiation or surgery.

The gland is located at the front of the neck, wrapping around the spine. It is responsible for regulating a wide variety of your body’s functions, from your brain to your immune system. Its location on the spine has invited greater scrutiny by chiropractors.

An underlying principle of all chiropractics is that an unaligned spine is the source of most bodily disease. The belief is that distortions in the spine can irritate the spinal nerves. This in turn, could affect the ability to produce hormone at appropriate levels.

The corollary to the unaligned spine theory is that the practitioner then works to realign the vertebrae. The intention here is that the body can work to heal itself from the ailments affecting it once the spinal column is functioning at its best. To this end, the chiropractor might use any one of a number of therapies.

While in the clinic, the patient will receive body work from the practitioner. This body work might include physical manipulation of the spine, muscles, and possibly the skull as well. Because of the location, chiropractors have started to bring their perspectives and therapies to help patients manage its malfunctioning. If you are suffering from one of these conditions, a Wilmington thyroid chiropractor might be able to offer some relief.

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Top Chiropractor In Wilmington Helps Locals With Hypothyroid Disease

Not many people know that uncomfortable hypothyroid disease symptoms can be relieved by a local chiropractor. Wilmington thyroid disease can lead to some uncomfortable symptoms like limited mobility, muscle aches, weight gain, hair loss, and fatigue. Chiropractic care is better known for pain relief connected to accident injuries, sports injuries, neck, and back pain.

Chiropractic care can get rid of many types of problems originating from different conditions. Non-surgical and painkiller-free techniques are used to dispose of hypothyroidism. They are safe and do not cause additional pain. Chiropractors use natural pain relief methods. Manually manipulating the spinal cord and using an ultrasound machine are common methods used in these facilities.

For an under-active thyroid, the doctor may want to replace your current diet with something healthier. A balanced diet will induce a balanced metabolism and make your hormonal gland act normally. Your doctor may also use homeopathy, acupuncture medicine, and let you take some herbs that contain iodine to ease the symptoms.

Your medical history, lifestyle, and exercise routines may be studied by a chiropractor. He may also assess your eating habits to find the root cause of your hormonal imbalance. X-rays can be used by your doctor to find irregularities that are also adding to your health issues. Some additional problems that might be revealed in an x-ray are spine, joint, and bone problems.

After you are thoroughly evaluated, your doctor will figure out a suitable therapy to relieve your hypothyroidism symptoms. It is possible that he will give you a long-term plan to follow to balance your metabolism and thyroid system. Your discomfort will be relieved, mobility will increase and you might be surprised to find out that your weight will also become more ideal.

When you are healthy, your thyroid gland will begin acting normal and painful symptoms will go away. Some common hypothyroid disease symptoms include facial swelling, dry hair or skin, tiredness, and weight gain. You should not have a problem finding a top chiropractor. Wilmington thyroid problems do not have to be permanent if you seek chiropractic care.

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Wilmington Chiropractor, Dr. Joseph Alaimo, Educates Locals On Safe Natural Thyroid Solutions

PRESS RELEASE: Wilmington, NC, 20-SEPTEMBER-2011 – Dr. Joseph Alaimo, Wilmington thyroid authority, is pleased to offer local comprehensive information to residents who want to know how to achieve solutions for thyroid issues. Thyroid issues are either due to an underactive thyroid gland or an overactive thyroid gland.

Symptoms vary, according to which of the types of issues are involved in the specific patient. They may include thinning hair, fatigue, palpitations, insomnia or sluggishness. The chiropractor determines the precise issues with the thyroid through careful review of all the symptoms.

Dr. Alaimo recently discussed thyroid issues with an interviewer. He stated, “Some 20 million Americans are affected by thyroid disorders, that’s 1 in 13 people! And more than half of those people are unaware they have a thyroid problem because it frequently goes undiagnosed until it gets severe.”

Unfortunately, many of the general tests for thyroid function are not specific enough to catch the errors that can show a malfunction of the gland. The gland itself regulates various functions of the body, including the use of energy, the formation of protein and the operation and utilization of other hormones.

Learn more about thyroid malfunctions occur and how appropriate therapeutic measures can relieve the symptoms by visiting the website at http://WilmingtonThyroid.com today. Members of the press and others who have questions about the contents of this specific press release may contact Dr. Alaimo at the address identified below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Joseph Alaimo, D. C.

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Summary: Dr. Joseph Alaimo, D. C. Wilmington thyroid authority, offers safe, natural and effective solutions to the patient discomfort that is linked to Hashimoto’s syndrome. Hyperthyroidism or Grave’s disease symptoms are also relieved through the non-invasive and non-chemical remedies.

Wilmington Chiropractor, Dr. Joseph Alaimo, Treats Hypothyroid Disease Naturally

PRESS RELEASE: Wilmington, NC, 22-SEPTEMBER-2011 – Dr. Joseph Alaimo, Wilmington thyroid professional is pleased to announce natural therapeutic methods for the management of hypothyroid disease. When the thyroid gland does not produce enough of the hormones needed to accomplish the duties set for the organ, the patient will often manifest a range of symptoms that are uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Hypothyroidism symptoms include cold hands and feet, excessive fatigue, thinning hair, constipation, morning headaches, dry skin, weight gain and lack of motivation. Unfortunately, not all tests are specific enough to determine whether or not there is a thyroid hormone level that is outside the optimum range

According to Dr. Alaimo, “Thyroid hormones have direct effects on most organs, including the heart which beats faster and harder under the influence of increased thyroid hormones. The thyroid gland is the one that runs the metabolism of the body.”

The regulation of several body functions are centered in this tiny gland. The energy level, formulation and utilization of proteins and the effectiveness of other hormones are all under the direct control of the gland.

Learn more about therapeutic efforts that can help to manage the production of needed thyroid hormones and eliminate or alleviate many of the negative symptoms by visiting the website at http://WilmingtonThyroid.com today. Members of the press and others who have questions about the contents of this specific press release may contact Dr. Alaimo at the address identified below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Joseph Alaimo, D. C.

Company Name: Alaimo Spinal Care and Rehab

Address: 1098 Medical Center Drive, Wilmington, NC 28401

Contact Telephone Number: (910) 251-1620

Contact Fax Number; (910) 251-1441

Email: info@WilmingtonThyroid.com

Website: http://WilmingtonThyroid.com

Summary: Dr. Joseph Alaimo, D. C., offers safe, natural, and effective solutions to the patient discomfort that is linked to Hashimoto’s syndrome. A significant number of those who have hypothyroidism find improvement in managing the symptoms with the care of Dr. Alaimo, Wilmington thyroid authority.

Wilmington Thyroid Disease Sufferers Seek Natural Alternative With Chiropractic

Many people do not clearly understand the connection between chiropractic and thyroid problems. Simply put, how well the body functions depends on how reliable the nervous system is. Caring for the spine will ensure that vital organs in the body remain healthy preventing serious problems from arising. For residents in Wilmington thyroid help is as close as the nearest chiropractic office.

People with glandular conditions also suffer with a number of musculoskeletal complaints. These conditions can include arthritis or other degenerative joint diseases, carpal tunnel syndrome, headache, inflammation, back pain due to obesity, and other conditions that lead them to seek help from a chiropractor.

A chiropractor will run lab tests to identify any underlying problems. Many people who visit a chiropractor do not realize that the symptoms they are experiencing can be caused by this type of condition. By examining the presenting problems, the chiropractic professional is able to detect primary causes of the symptoms and related health concerns.

The role of the chiropractor in caring for individuals with this type of disorder, is to offer counseling and support for healthy lifestyle and dietary and nutritional changes. By making such changes, the individual can improve their quality of life and prevent the development of potential disorders.

During the time that the individual is making diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes, the chiropractic care professional will often develop a therapy plan to help alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by the glandular disorder. This plan may include massage and spinal manipulation.

Since this is a condition that can be masked by musculoskeletal conditions, it is important to see a chiropractor as soon as possible to identify any underlying health problems. For the residents in Wilmington thyroid conditions can be uncovered with a visit to their closest chiropractic care professional. With changes in diet, nutrition, and lifestyle, it is possible for the individual to realize their best possible health and maintain wellness.

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