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Wilmington, NC Chiropractor, Dr. Joseph Alaimo, Puts A New Twist On Hypothyroid Disease Care

PRESS RELEASE: Wilmington, NC, 19-OCT-2011: Dr. Joseph Alaimo, Wilmington thyroid chiropractor offers individuals suffering from hypothyroidism solutions that address the condition and provide solutions that helps patients achieve a greater quality of life and the ability to function more effectively in their daily lives.

When interviewed recently Dr. Alaimo stated, “Many people do not realize that they are suffering from hypothyroidism because of the multiple symptoms associated with the condition. I use a “whole body” approach to care that includes addressing all factors contributing to the condition and give my patients the care and education they need to make the changes needed in their diet, exercise, and lifestyle to alleviate the symptoms and disease.”

An individual may suffer from symptoms of hypothyroidism, but in many cases the individual symptoms will be addressed without the added testing being done to determine if this is the cause of the symptoms. An individual who suffers from fatigue, cold feet/hands, weight gain, irregular bowel movements, depression, and thinning hair are only a few of the common symptoms of this condition. Dr. Alaimo uses multiple methods of testing to determine what is causing the hypothyroidism and increase the ability of the thyroid gland to function properly.

Dr. Alaimo will evaluate all results of testing and discuss the past medical history of the patient as well as the current diet, lifestyle, and activities. The doctor uses both gentle, low-force manipulation to realign discs, relieve pressure from pinched nerves, and improve circulation throughout the body.

As part of the wellness plan, the doctor also uses nutritional therapy to provide nutrients and vitamins to the body that will increase the metabolism and improve stamina and balance in the body. He will also use oxygen therapy and massage therapy to further stimulate circulation and reduce stress to tissues and muscles.

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Summary: Dr. Joseph Alaimo, Wilmington Thyroid chiropractor provides the care, resources, and education needed to effectively address hypothyroidism and increase the quality of life of individuals who suffer from the condition. The doctor uses a “whole body” approach that addresses all factors contributing to the condition.

Wilmington Hypothyroid Disease Relief Is Closer Than You Think

People suffering from Hypothyroid disease are traditionally geared towards oral medications to address their condition. In addition to this option, people are looking for other, more holistic approaches to managing the disease. Wilmington thyroid chiropractors also address the condition by potentially offering relief from the disease.

Hypothyroidism is the condition of having your thyroid gland under-produce hormones your body needs. Your thyroid gland helps regulate your brain function, immune system, musculoskeletal system, and maintain your hormonal balance. If it doesn’t produce the right amount of hormones, it can leave you with a number of challenges.

The most common symptoms of hypothyroidism are fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, puffy face, and difficulty managing cold. The condition can also lead to allergies, gastrointestinal problems, or generalized body pain, among other ailments. If left untreated, one might even increase their risk of getting arthritis, diabetes, depression, emphysema, or high blood pressure.

The chiropractic approach to managing the disease does not focus exclusively only on the gland itself. Using an array of available techniques, the chiropractor manipulates the spine, muscles, and perhaps even skull, in order to create a better aligned spine. The premise is that when there is alignment along the spine, all the body functions in a healthier way.

While practitioners will manipulate the body to help relieve hypothyroid disease, they can also provide a regimen sufferers can follow at home. Often, they will include nutritional therapy. A patient might also receive a schedule of exercises that can be done at home that build on the physical work done in the clinic.

All these chiropractic options are predicated on the principle that the body, properly supported, can work to heal itself. Where medications might be helpful, chiropractors might also offer some additional options. For anyone in Wilmington thyroid conditions can find relief.

Hypothyroidism can cause other health issues if left untreated. You can find information about a well-respected Wilmington thyroid chiropractor at http://wilmingtonThyroid.com now.

Hypothyroid Disease Treated Naturally With The Help Of A Wilmington Chiropractor

Hypothyroidism presents a wide array of symptoms. Weight gain, thin brittle hair, and dry skin are just the beginning. Fortunately for anyone who lives in Wilmington thyroid under-function can often be improved with the help of a chiropractor.

People generally think of chiropractors as doctors whose work focuses exclusively on patients who suffer from back pain. While it’s true that much of what these practitioners do involves adjustments to the spine, the results can be far reaching. Since every part of your body is connected to the nerves in the spine, any part of your body can be affected when the spine is out of alignment.

It is possible for someone to show symptoms of hypothyroidism and even to have low readings on lab tests but not respond well to conventional prescriptions. In some cases, replacement therapy doesn’t help. In some of these cases the problem may be with a misalignment of the the neck or back.

A “subluxation” or misalignment of a particular part of the spine can cause an imbalance in the nervous system. If the nerves to the part of the body where the thyroid gland is located are compromised, thyroid function might be impaired. Chiropractors will agree that not all or even most thyroid conditions are caused this way. But when conventional diagnoses don’t fit and conventional medications don’t help the patient may be dealing with one of the exceptional conditions.

Even when the patient has a condition that is being managed by conventional medication, chiropractic care can augment the effectiveness of whatever protocol the patient is following. Often, people suffering from symptoms of hypothyroidism have spinal misalignments that they are unaware of. Many times chiropractic work can enhance the level of the patient’s overall health.

Relieving pain, stiffness or weakness that may have been ignored in the past will enable the patient to develop a healthier lifestyle. Having more energy and being able to enjoy more healthful activities will allow medications to work more effectively. For people who live in Wilmington thyroid conditions might be helped by the right chiropractor.

The assistance made available at the Wilmington thyroid center is alleviating symptoms in a natural way. You can learn more about the chiropractic philosophy by visiting the website at http://wilmingtonThyroid.com now.

Wilmington, NC – Natural Treatment for Thyroid Problems – Dr. Joseph Alaimo

Wilmington Chiropractor Treats Thyroid Disease Naturally

Most people consider seeing a chiropractor for help with muscle pain and mobility issues only. There are many physical ailments that a chiropractor can help correct with holistic methods. In Wilmington thyroid disease is approached with more natural methods of therapy. These methods help the individual achieve a better quality of life.

The symptoms of an overactive gland are fatigue, increase in allergic reactions, nervousness, skin problems, sleeping too much or too little, gastrointestinal problems, weight gain or loss, pain, and swelling. Under-active production of thyroid hormone is most commonly associated with symptoms of dry hair and skin, weight gain, intolerance to cold, hoarse voice, puffy face, and fatigue.

Methods have been developed to address the cause and the symptoms of the condition. Specific recommendations are made regarding nutritional supplements and food choices that will encourage the body to return to the best possible health. Additionally, herbs, homeopathic remedies, and acupuncture have also proven to be successful therapies.

Assessing the individual’s current diet and completing a physical evaluation, helps the chiropractor determine the metabolic issue that is present. A review of medical history, lifestyle, and exercise routine, will also be conducted. Additionally, x-rays determine if there are sections in the neck or spine that have disc compression, pinching nerves and causing symptoms to be more serious.

Once completed, the evaluation is used to develop an individual plan addressing immediate symptoms, and a long-term plan to address metabolic disorders. Recommendations are made to help the body regenerate and heal itself. Natural approaches are suggested to help the individual increase metabolic rate and maintain appropriate body weight.

In Wilmington thyroid issues are approached holistically by the chiropractor who is well versed in natural remedies that will relieve the symptoms. These solutions are safe and natural to help the person suffering from symptoms and conditions associated with the organ. If a condition is not addressed, it can cause high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, emphysema, depression, carpel tunnel syndrome, or migraines.

You can find information about the best Chiropractic treatments for hypothyroidism and details about the benefits of consulting a Wilmington thyroid chiropractor at http://wilmingtonThyroid.com now.

Wilmington, NC – Thyroid Problems Have Natural Solution – Dr. Joseph Alaimo